Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wiki-open source-and meta government

The Wiki leak's Web World War 1---- only marks the first pebble thrown into the stagnant waters of Post industrialism. The digital deconstructionist wave, has hit the shores of our industrial capitalistic continents, its beaches rendered a muddy mess.  Is there nothing sacred anymore?
 What will the masses demand now of there elected leaders and surrogates of responsibility?
 Honest Ideas Anyone?
Oh no, but honesty is a government secret,  don,t you know. 
Why you may ask?  It is because politics has been our way of avoiding ourselves.
Of avoiding that we live in a western social system, which has no real logic,  other than what we impose on ourselves. It is an illusion. Sustained by our want to continue,  to pursue what we in the West have persuaded ourselves to be,  a comfortable existence. Only to find that comfort to be skin deep.
This is the reason for our political thin skin. For there is nothing underneath the skin but assumptions and conjecture on peoples wants and needs. Conjecture often based on our wants to certify our beliefs.
     We are all suffering the degeneration of a societal system. Created back when we as a society, still very green with experience,  ceased the levers of power away from the aristocracy, which never really went away. The whole thing is a mad farce. It will remain a farce until we the citizenry of the world devise a proper way to organize and represent our selves. This we will see will not be up to us.  It will be up to the exponential growth of the information based technology, that inspires every post modern movement of our day. So today Wiki leaks, tomorrow Anonymous meta-gov. com .....  or as soon as we get the bandwidth ;)  

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