Thursday, January 20, 2011

The myth of the self identity part 2

  "Does time itself manifest itself as the horizon of being?" A question proposed by the German philosopher Heidegger after some four hundred pages of contemplation. Another way to ask the question is, does the passing of time and our reaction to it, equate to our very existence. Is time a simple meeting of events across one horizon of place and time, flowing one horizon after another. "Being" one moment at a time, collecting and retaining experiences through individual moments, which create a perspective of time and our sense of being. Then one could say that "Being itself is a simple product of time. It would seem then that in order to understand "being" we must first seek to understand time.             
         Time is not an easy subject to discuss, for we do not encounter time directly, but merely feel its effect. We can only observe the manifestationsí of time in our "perceived dimension" of "time space". Meaning we mainly focus our beliefs around physical evidence. It is within this prism of physical evidence that our conscience finds root. In this context our physical dimension of reality is a subdivision of time space. Meaning our reality is but a part of a bigger picture. Therefore in order to fully explore time we first would need to extend our understanding of ourselves within time. This too may not be easily achieved for we have dogmatized time to fit our cultural needs. Indeed the biggest dogma of society is the clock and calendar we refer to. The calendar lies at the very heart of any civilization. It tells us when weeks start and finish. When itís time for a holiday. Our lives are directed by its 12 hour clock. It tells us when to rise and sleep, when to work and rest. We intern measure our own individual worth in society imparts to what we can accomplish in that time frame. Our conscience revolves around our perception of, and reaction to, the passing of this time line. And so our understanding of "time" and in turn ourselves is based on how we chose to measure time. So it's then the way we choose to measure time, which will determine our perception of time and our understanding of "being". It is important to understand that this is a choice and not an empirical truth. In fact the calendar we presently use and our measurement of time within it was first used as an agricultural tool, not as an empirical calendar. This "Gregorian' calendar was first used to schedule the planting and harvesting of crops, and the collection of what we would now call taxes. It is an administrative tool. One is not necessarily 45 years old or 65. One could say it is merely the amount of times one has paid their taxes. The amount of times the seasons changed. The amount of times our earth cycled around the sun. Yet our sun is itself on a cycle and far from stationary. It to cycles around the center of its gravitational pattern. So for this reason it would seem that our resent calendar is not anchored in an empirical time vessel but rather it is matched to an even larger version of itself in this cosmic chain of fractal cyclic equations. It is a gear in the great cosmic time piece we refer to as the universe. These other cycles of time were well known to the leaders of ancient cultures and civilizations, but were with time systematically phased out of accepted culture, in a roman attempt to homogenize society into a practical management system. It is important to understand that this new empirical Gregorian calendar did not go down so well with cultures that followed previous, more esoteric calendars. It is also important to realize that its' not a societies truths but its' geopolitical power that determines what will be law, and intern what will be dogma.  And so we the world went from a creative and intuitive culture to a managerial one. We moved from imagining the future to managing the present. From intuitive deductive thinking, to geopolitical reasoning. Yet the cycles of time progress along with consciousness, despite mans` disinterest. We in this world are only made aware of this through events we recognize as novelty. We seldom pause to feel the ongoing wave of time, the ever expanding consciousness through human thought. Only when we are faced with a need to adapt, do we take notice of the inconvenience of change. Yet it is our arrogance towards our own understanding of time that makes change so inconvenient. For without it we would not be possible or worse, we would not be. So letís take a quick alternative overview on time space. 
         The Mayans for example were said to be the most advanced time keepers in our brief albeit noticeable history. A culture that gave birth to the most important calendar system in history, not for its continued precise measurement of time, but for its measurement of consciousness and "its" evolution. They understood consciousness as a separate entity on its own Darwinian evolution. They went on to measure the very steps of a then ongoing evolving consciousness into nine steps each lasting half the time of the later, yet at twice the speed, in order to condense and reprocess all of past and present history. As of cores is depicted in the nine levels of the pyramids. This shows us at the very least that humanities' grasp on the concept of time was once much larger than our present one. Namely I believe because their culture at the time did not put itself at the center of the universe but rather put the universe at the center of itself. So despite their own short life span, they were able to appreciate time and "being" within it as a long exponential process. Many of us now believe we are at the tail end of this process.  It`s my intent to attempt in a small way to explain why and how. My humble attempt to move the universe back to the center of ourselves.                 
        We indeed have come a long way towards our understanding of our selves and the universe. What was once dogmatic religious beliefs have now begun to decode into understood scientific truths.  The first and most important example of this is the fractal. A mathematical equation useful in modeling everything from a snowflake to an entire galaxy. Computer software will show fractals as an image which is an overlay of itself in a multitude of dimensions. It is also what I believe the Mayans in their own way understood as the great cosmic truth. It is the way they came to their divisions of time into nine levels of consciousness. They discovered what we are now in the process of rediscovering. Which is that consciousness can be traced through a mathematical equation, and that equation stretches out to the length of what we call time. This the Mayans demonstrated by accurately dating the significant paradigm shifts throughout time, from the big bang up to the oncoming singularity. The nine levels represented in their nine level pyramids, depict the nine levels of consciousness. Each a cycle onto itself, projecting consciousness to the next level. Each mathematically predicted within a unifying equation. The cellular cycle started 16.4 billion years ago. The mammalian cycle they dated at 820 million years ago. The familial cycle started 41 million years ago, the tribal at 2 million years ago, cultural at 102,000 years, national at 3,115 BC, the planetary at 1755 AD The galactic cycle started January 4th 1999 and the universal starts February 10 2011, all collimating with the full cycles end December 12 2012. Science has but recently made correlations with their dates and their significant to our known time line of history. Yet this was understood over some 5 thousand years ago while we are made to believe, that theirs was but a primitive culture. 
        Indeed we were made to believe many things. We were once made to believe that the world was flat. That the sun revolves around the earth. Yet clearly, there were pre and existing cultures who understood otherwise. These ancient beliefs systems were not understood by a then less spiritually advanced but more powerful culture. It was the geopolitical strength of a culture and not its` factual truths that tragically set the stage for cultural and then global belief systems to ultimately take hold. To ultimately become the dogma of our time. Yet it is important to understand that our present "information renaissance" was also preordained by the Mayan equation. Novelties such as Google and YouTube only serve to fulfill consciousness' exponential pattern of info-synthesis. As do we intern serve as info-synthesis apparatus. Like foliage synthesizing atmosphere to intern create the air we breathe, we synthesize knowledge into thoughts. Creating a morphogenetic field in which we think. This field is believed to be on an exponential curve. It is this curve that was once understood as the empirical calendar of time. I would simply suggest that it still is, whether we acknowledge it or not. After all the world was still round despite our belief it was flat.                                                                           

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