Friday, January 14, 2011

Give up your stage name

      Give up your stage name, the dogmas followed by the ego and mind will not withstand the strain of time. Wo to us, when we are left naked in the wilderness of change with only our selves to counsel and blame. What shall we make out of our own reasons to believe. When the systems we indoctrinate our selves with fail and traditional reasons no longer apply, how then will culture numb man's instinct. Will we then come face to face with that voice inside of us, silenced for so long by comfort and greed. For so long shunned by our cultured ego for being without reason, will we recognize it as us? Our world has been a stage for us to play our roles in, but now what of the actor, when the curtain draws to a close. O my dear Hamlet, to reason or to dream? That is the question now. For we stand at the gates of consciousness itself with instinct as the key. A  key we dare not use for it unlocks pandoras boxes only. Who of us will choose to go down the rabbit hole of self discovery and who will sit and wait in the lobby of progress for direction and reason to set the next stage. O Hamlet, feel not obliged to be inspired rather let inspiration oblige you to Be. The act is over, now we must start living. Now we stop celebrating the absurdity of taking reasoning seriously. Now we must feel our way through life. This may indeed be our rapture, our final judgment, between those who follow dogma and those who follow instinct. Good and evil in this case is subject to the cause. 

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