Friday, January 14, 2011

The flow of power

Though fortune tellers and prophets seem to have sold us a fake bill of goods.
 I do believe there to be some truth in 21ts century change.
This revolving social tug of war between progressive social
evolution and the conservative back lash it creates seem to be showing its last strings .The irony is society itself, seems to have had less to do with it, than the advance of technology it tries to control.
It is technology that has taken productivity and turned it into inevitability.
Progress has shifted from a probability to a tangible fact.
 It is as tangible as the next wave of computers and software.
Although the new MacG7 is not a present reality
it remains inevitable.
As so the sharing of information in previously restricted societies
will now only get easier with each new PDA device.
 It is important to note that cultures have historically been controlled by its rulers threw the medium of media. Whether it be religious or political, access to information has long been determined by their leaders need for political loyalty.
As information shifts from the state to population distribution,
into people to people distribution
so will state power follow

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