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The Echelons of Being

          Chapter one

         From the darkness a voice called out for light. ("and He said let there be light"). To whom does one suppose "He" was talking to? Would had it not been sufficient for God to have thought of light? There is a reason to ponder why vocalised thoughts gives birth to light. Thoughts are knowledge, in that they are a micro part of all knowledge. Thoughts are the vessels knowledge creates to produce novelty. Novelty insures knowledge to evolve, which insures all of knowledge's progeny to evolve. Yet thoughts need energy to exist in. The term "God then said"  can be seen as separate from "let there be light." In that the first step comes from a sound in the dark energy of matter. The sound emits a vibration. The second step comes as the vibration heats affected darkness into light. The first level of consciousness then comes into being. From the contrast of light and dark, duality spawns through an unresolved possibility between two opposites. This unresolved situation then causes a need for time. The third step. Through the creation of polarity between opposites, can time then exists. As Opposite possibilities determine a common reality, moments emerge as steps in that process. These moments then line up to create the passing of time. Between two events, lays the horizon of time. Within this horizon knowledge disseminates itself further, into macro and micro versions of itself, for knowledge knows only of itself. This creates yet another duality in the physicality of dimensions. Opposite dimensions cause differences in perspective based on location and time. These different perspectives then create individual knowledge as separate from its prior singular one. With this in mind, one can come to know sound as the father, light as the mother and time as their son. The trinity from which all of creation derives from. The primordial code of existence, the cause of novelty, plus effect of that novelty, equal duality multiplied exponentially by time. The result, an infinite fraction loop of possible existence.          
        One can then begin to witness the equation as a fraction of itself on many dimensions. All is shadow play between this contrast. All is play from the resolving the of these two truths. Light and dark, good and evil. Existence held together by frequencies of thought. Like the world one creates while dreaming. The ancients once called this world we exist in "the waking dream". In this one can observe how oneís mind is but a micro version or reflection of the greater functionality of the universe. A verse in the universe. We dream as it dreams, we are to its reality what our dreams are to ours. With this in mind, the fraction or code begins to reappear in oneís mind, as one learns how to positions ones' self in the light of knowledge. "As above so below". All else becomes simple functionality to a singularitarian logic. From the One come many. In the image of the One that knows, all is Self. 

      How does the One see itself through the ones it creates? This can be measured by the amount of light or knowledge that is allowed to pass from the One to the ones. Much like the amount of knowledge that goes into any one thought, will determine the gravity this thought possesses on other thoughts. With this in mind does the shadow play form the rules for our society? As micro versions of the macro and its' archetype, one can observe how thoughts of man compete for knowledge, the energy that will allow one to grow higher than other men. This would suggest that positioning, within the ecology and geology of thoughts within our dimension is an important factor which goes to determine their level of growth. This level of growth produces the gravitas needed to insure their dominants over others in attaining and controlling the light or knowledge. Society in this way looks more like a forest. Our thoughts but the photosynthesis of other dimension. One can then observe that it is the thoughts and ideas of our society that grow to greatness, while the individual is merely present to benefit from the attached rewards in the material dimension. Yet the judge and jury of thoughts and knowledge remain in their dimension of universal consciousness. In the shadow play or dream of that original thought. 
       How do we then see ourselves through the one? How do we see ourselves, through what sees itself through us. The answer can lie in the part of our thoughts that reside in a higher dimension, our subconscious. The reason this dimension of knowledge would be reserved to our subconscious is simple. We do not share the same perceptive of dimensions. There for we cannot consciously understand, what we can not consciously perceive from our dimensional point within the greater reality. Yet we are nonetheless, from this greater reality. Therefore our awareness of it is felt rather than understood. Through these subconscious feelings can we see the One through observing our collective subconscious imitations? We seem to instinctually imitate the greater collective through our sociological structures and cultures. Logic would favour this result of society for as said in the beginning, the One knows only, all is self. We share the same knowledge cast by the primordial archetype. We just experience it differently. All depends on the way the subject absorbs the light.                       
                                                  Chapter two
                                           The Echelons of Being 
       So then if from one thought came many. As in a dream, all sub-thoughts centered or balanced around the thinker. That is the Being who was being Thought . Regardless, these sub-thoughts also became Beings being thought . So then the initial "Thought Being thought" could no longer retain or balance its' thoughts. This occurred when the sub-thoughts of Thought wanted to express "Themselves". So then from a need to express "Its' self" came a need to express "Themselves". A conflict then arose. These sub-beings existed due to their common initial thought. This commonality between them served as the central polarizing force in which all beings, existing within this polarity, were judged and balanced. In this way was the first universe created in balance with itself. So then for the sub-thought to find free will, this "Being" would have to "be" despite of the "Judge" or need for balance within the others. In other words despite of the chaos that will ensue. We find references to this idea in the stories of Lucifers' challenge to the "Word of God", creating chaos within "Heaven", or in the early cosmological period (after the cooling from the big bang), when newly forming planets were colliding with one another.    
         This indeed created the archetypal dilemma of the universe. Which is; although free will is needed, the chaos it produces must be contained with order, or (Balance)? Then "free will" can't ever be totally free from the balance that allows it to "be". Yet despite this fact, "free will" must believe itís' freedom in order to "be". It was this reality that then propelled the divers "beings" of "free will", into a constant re adaptation and evolution. Through divers levels and dimensions of "being" containing "free will" within "order", did the need for "Our" existence eventually come into "Being". The "myth of free will" was then conceived. Yet for the myth to succeed, it needed a reality of its own. Meaning; for the "beings" of "free will" to believe the myth that they are free, a dimension must be created in which this myth is the only reality. The central polarizer of all "beings" in that dimension. In this way can the "chaosî that comes from ìfree willî be contained, in such a way that may insure "order" in the other dimensions. When chaos broke out in "heaven" over "free will", the compromising solution was Adam and Eve in the dimension of Eden. 

        The dimension of Eden created the compromise needed for the cosmos to then find order. We find reference to this moment in the biblical line; "and on the seventh day God rested", or the cosmological period when the leftover comets and asteroids from the chaos ceased colliding repeatedly into forming planets, giving them a chance to grow ecology and life. Having then created this dimensional reality can "God" or the cosmos now rest in "order" or "gravitational balance"? The new cosmic polarizer, which started as "thought" became Gravity. The new "King or, God of Being". The way then for the cosmos to "be" in "balance" was through "Gravity". This kept the dimensions separate and confined. No longer can the chaotic dimension that will ensue from Eden affect the rest of the cosmos. And so "chaos" within "order" was achieved through dimensional confinement. Through this gravitational process, states of "being" greater and lesser than one another formed an "echelon" of "beings". From the cosmos to galaxies, to stellar systems and nebulas, to humans and ecology. All confined to their realm or state of being by gravity. Each greater dimension having greater power over the lesser, yet with more of a responsibility to maintain the "balance". So if gravity or "God" has the greatest responsibility in the maintenance of cosmic "balance", we in the lower "echelon" have little responsibility, and so our "sins" can be "forgiven". For after all we were created out of a greater need for chaos. It is only write that our chaos should be forgiven. For this we are "preferred" or "chosen" by "God", with the "gift" of "free will". So if God created this dimension for free will to "be", so balance can be obtained in his higher dimension, can we now not create a lesser dimension in order to find balance in ours? Do we not stand at the door of a new age? Are we not creating a "virtual" world out of our need to have "chaos" within "order". Out of our need for the ability to sacrifice perhaps free will in one dimension, to find "balance" by "giving" free will to the next. In this the chaos of free will can "be" without affecting our "balance". Through this creation of our "virtual" reality do we not imitate the higher echelons of being that ended with us as their conclusion? Is this not the natural evolution of "free will" or in our dimension the "ego", or in mythology the "devil", to be eventually cast down to a lesser realm? Will our creation of a digital dimension be our way of containing chaos within order, through our own dimensional containment? If so we may declare ourselves as gods to the dimensional beings we spawned. We may then join in "balance" with the greater echelons of "being".                                                                                  

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