Saturday, February 5, 2011

Facebook- The New House of Commons

    In the time I right this blog, millions of people will have debated, discussed, and deliberated their personal views on everything from home gardening to the state of the nation. We, through the advancement of technology have become an ongoing exponential consensus building commission. Further more, this new way of online communication by the masses is also the new common form of entertainment. Making its on going popularity a done deal. We must now begin to realize the way this will change the definition of  a leader. We in the industrial system of democracy have established the masses as the check and balance of decisions made by the elected few. This I believe will soon be turn on its head. As we can witness in the present postmodern islamic awakening. The media and world establish system franticly vetting posable figure heads and leader of said movement are missing the point entirely. The need for a leader of such a movement is vastly diminished by the very way the movement exists. All discussions and referendums are done in advance of any cultural show of force. This takes place organically in a competition of anonymous ideas rather than personalities. It is the natural removal of this need for a personality to represent common ideas that makes this revolution so decisive and viral. For it is next to impossible to control a movement that can be headless and organized. In any case, who needs a leader when the conversations and agreements take place before any push for change happens. The most important blog I have come across during the Egyptian crisis came in response to the argument that the movement should have come with a central leader. The blogger states" We have no need for a leader, We already know what we want."

    This is indeed a paradigm shift. In this paradigm the eventual figure head becomes the check and balance of the popular consensus. A final filter to ensure continuity in the public discussion. The political web host pare excellence. One can only imagine the rate of the falling sky, in the technocratic and diplomatic world. After all they are still trying to wrap there heads around Wikileaks !!! Only to find that there services as decision brokers and makers will no longer be needed. There jobs will be henceforth open sourced.                

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